6 October 2017

The various scents of a wine

Did you know that there are over 200 different aromas to be recognized in wine?

Some may seem a little odd, such as the wood-smoke flavour and tobacco. The process of making the wine, the origin of the grapes, and the grape variety all contribute to the remarkable scents attributed to the rich liquid. The extensive varieties of aromas stem mainly from the fermentation process during which some of the natural aromatic components present in the grape are enhanced. Out of the 200 different aromas  present, some become more noticeable and these dictate what a wine will smell like. Curious? Take out a nice bottle of puklavec&friends and take the challenge, what is the scent of your favourite wine? Fun fact: Inexperienced with recognizing the scent of wine? It could be that you cannot distinguish between smells that easily due to an overload of information! The brain is overwhelmed with over 200 aromas; it simply cannot keep up with the onslaught of impressions.