1 November 2017

Archive wines

Time to discover this extended, wonderful collection of beautiful archive wines!

In the cellars of Puklavec Family Wines you can find a very valuable collection of exclusive archive wines. Laying in the cellar at Jeruzalem Ormož, waiting for you to discover them.

Imagine you’re strolling around the archives of Puklavec Family Wines. The moment that you enter the cellars, you feel as if you are a part of something exceptional – the soft light, the striking scents and the old, dust-covered bottles all contribute to this unique atmosphere.
Hold your breath for a moment, keep very quiet, and you can hear the wines mature. It is here that the Puklavec Family keeps its best of the best, and we are keen to share them with the world. And that’s why we’ve opened up our archives, which hold exclusive white wines dating as far back as 1956.
Whether you’re looking for a special something for yourself or a great gift for someone else, just browse through this online version of our archives at www.archivewines.com.